Litratos Iligan

Our Post (2days) 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration in Cagayan de Oro City, May 2013.

Eric and Enna’s wedding at Xavier Estates Sports and Country Club, Cagayan de Oro City 10-19-2012

Felicity Den at CityLand Shaw Tower in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

Shaw Tower (Felicity Den) is located along where St. Francis (street) and Shaw Boulevard meet. Shaw Tower is just beside Shangri-la Plaza Mall and the MRT-3 Shaw Boulevard Station is just a walking distance from the Shaw Tower. What’s even cooler, Star Mall which is just across Shangri-La is where
MMDA EDSA Starmall- Shaw Bus Terminal Southbound‎ is situated.

If you need some groceries for the duration of your vacation then you got Shangri-La to cater your needs. If you want to go nearby cities and want to avoid the traffic then you got the MRT Station besides Shangri-La. If you’re planning to go Tagaytay and see Taal Volcano, right across Shangri-La is the Star Mall Shaw Bus Terminal Southbound. Perfect!

Metro Manila 2012


Kagay-anon Restaurant located at 2nd level of Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Complex, Cagayan de Oro City.


My first taste of Greek cuisine at Manos Greek Taverna in Tagaytay way back 2007.


Victoria Court


Our Misadventure to Sta. Cruz Falls.

The story behind the photos:

Dela Mar Timoga Pools, Iligan City.

Grilled Blue Marlin, Baby Back Ribs and Pasta de Calamari at INJ Iligan.

Grilled Blue Marlin, Baby Back Ribs and Pasta de Calamari at INJ Iligan.

// It’s Good To Be “Blog” Again!//

Okay, I know the title sounds grammatically incorrect, but yeah, what I meant was it’s good to be back again (i know it should have been “it’s good to blog again!” but whatever).

So I’ve been gone like over a couple of weeks since my last post and it felt like years had already passed. Seeing my last post felt like looking at ancient history.

The reason for my absence was because I got sick last month (been sick since summer actually, but last month was the worst). I had to do some drastic lifestyle change.

I used to be a night person and I choose to work at hours when everybody’s hugging their beds to never land. Now, I work at daytime (I finally understand why it sucks to be a twilight vampire) and sleep at night like normal human beings do.

I completely stopped drinking energy drinks, reduced my coffee intake, avoided junk food and other salty dishes. Now I’m having oatmeal for breakfast, no late night snacks and grab on anything healthy such as fish, fruits and vegetables.

I actually became a pseudo pescetarian for a couple of weeks. No, its not a religion, but a diet of fruits, vegetables and seafood. I say pseudo because I still eat chicken meat minus the skin.

Well, actually, I got better just before July ended, but I couldn’t find time to blog because I was catching up with work and classes like crazy.

Once in a while, me and my girlfriend still went out to places and restaurants to enjoy and relax, but when I got home, I was too tired or too busy to blog.

Until now, I’m having a hard time juggling between work and school (took up a two year diploma course in digital media arts just this semester).

If you’re wondering what curse struck me, well it’s no curse, but an equally evil whatchacallthis condition….


Yep, my blood pressure was reaching almost 160/100. After 5 months of feeling really heavy like an anvil was tied around my neck, I decided to visit the doctor.

Thank God my blood pressure is now back to normal ( an average of below 120/80) even before taking up my bp med. A month ago, my day would start with a 130+/90 blood pressure reading before taking my med.

The reason why I was suffering with hypertension? My cholesterol level was off the roof courtesy of bad diet, no exercise and lack of sleep.

For your information, I used to be a health buff for the past four years, but by the first semester of 2011 I stopped cold turkey. No exercises whatsoever at all for 10 months until I decided to hit the gym again last April, but it was too late the hero.

My bp was already hitting 140+/90 and the only way to reverse it was to have a combination of eating right, some medication, exercising regularly, shed off some lbs and get a good doze of sleep but that didn’t happen until the first week of July after a visit to the doctor.

If you’re a health buff, don’t stop being one. If you’re not, you should start being like one because once the sickness bug hit you, life isn’t gonna be easy. It’s not too late to reverse things before it gets critical.

Now I’m living healthy and will do this for the rest of my life.

Oh, and I got a lot of backlogs to take care with, but so what! It’s good to be “blog” again!


Time to hit the bed!

// Lab Test//

I’ve been suffering with high blood pressure for the past months now (last Monday it peaked to 156/91) and today I’ll be having some blood test and urinalysis. This also means that I have to shed off some fat pounds (I gained almost 30lbs for the past year), get back to my daily exercises and eat right. 

I used to train 3x a week in Judo, spend my time 2x a week in a boxing gym and 2x a week practicing Eskrima here at Cacoy Doce Pares Iligan Chapter then I suddenly stopped when I started studying again while working online last year.

It ain’t good to stop cold turkey with your physical activities that you’ve been doing for years because as I have learned the hard way, it’ll give you loads of problems. I pray everything will be back to normal after I start living healthy again.